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Foley Saddles Up For New Competition Uncategorized

Foley Saddles Up For New Competition

                Foley Sports Tourism is excited to announce, straight from the horse’s mouth, the addition of a new event to their schedule. The Membership Association of Recreational Equine Sports (MARES) will be hosting the first-ever Coastal Hobby Horse Classic at the Foley Horse Arena on April 1, 2025.

                Hobby horsing is a niche sport born in Finland that is quickly growing. Participants use hobby horses- a horse head, most often made of wood or stuffed fabric, attached to a stick. They then simulate the riding of real horse through stepping sequences or jumping over fences or hurdles.

Photo Mar 27 2024 10 23 59 AM

                President of MARES, Andrea “Dre” Sage, said the Classic will be open to all ages. She said it would be an eventing, which features three disciplines of competition- show jumping, cross-country, and dressage.

                “It’s a triathlon of equestrian sports,” Sage explained. “We want to show that hobby horsing isn’t just a hobby, it can be a real test of skill and might. Here at MARES, we are opening it up to people of all ages because we believe you’re never pasture prime.”

                City of Foley Executive Director of Leisure Services David Thompson said FST has built a strong calendar of events and doesn’t horse around in what they take on. Every event has to fit into the mission and vision. He said hobby horsing may seem to some like a fad but really it isn’t foaling around.

                “Hobby horsing is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, neigh, the world,” Thompson said hoarsely. “We are blessed to have a number of strong, stable events and this competition will be no different. We believe The Classic will become a mane attraction here in Foley, drawing visitors from around the world and putting a real giddy-up in our economy.”

                For more information on Coastal Hobby Horse Classic contact FST at

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