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Travel Time! What to pack, FST Fields Edition Travel Time

Travel Time! What to pack, FST Fields Edition

Posted October 15, 2019 by Stephanie Donald

So you’re all ready to come #playfoley! Now that the registration is complete and hotel reservations are made, it’s time to start packing. As the hustle begins to load the vehicle, allow us to offer a few suggestions on what to include in your suitcases. We want each visitor to have an enjoyable time during their stay, but also be aware of items that you should leave at home as they’re not allowed inside the complex. We’re excited to have you here!

What to bring!

1. Sunscreen!

When heading to our gorgeous facility, you will either be cheering on an athlete from the sidelines or taking to the field yourself. We encourage all visitors to bring sunscreen, because even on overcast days the sun can do some damage.  Make sure you and your team avoid a painful sunburn by applying sunscreen regularly.

2. Chairs or blankets

Our championship stadium offers seating for up to 1,000, but most of our participants utilize one of our 15 challenge fields that offer no spectator seating. Make sure to bring a camp chair or blanket to spread on the sidelines for resting between games or cheering on your favorite player. Please keep in mind that you’re allowed to bring umbrellas and pop-up tents into the facility. However, our facility is known for often having a “refreshing breeze,” so please bring weights to keep them from blowing around. The use of tent-stakes is not allowed as they can damage our field maintenance equipment when left behind.

WhatToPack 1

3. Walking shoes

We have 16 full-sized fields all in one place. Unfortunately, not all our participants can play on one of the front fields. We encourage visitors to wear comfortable walking shoes so they’re prepared to get to any one of our fields. If disabled or have trouble walking, let us help. Ask any one of our facility team members or event staff for a transport to the appropriate field. Additionally, the complex has a drop off zone located in front of the field house to provide easier access for those needing help.

WhatToPack 2

What Not to Bring

1. Pets

We encourage all of our visitors to please leave their pets at home. We know your animal is likely kind and well trained but animals are a liability to the facility. While service animals wearing the required vests are more than welcome, we ask that all other pets are left at home because they cannot be brought into the facility and we definitely don’t want any animals spending the day in a hot vehicle. We cannot stress enough please leave your pets at home.

2. Outside food

The Foley Sports Tourism Complex features delicious eats from a range of food trucks that change event to event. For this reason, we do not allow outside food into the facility and there is no grilling or tailgating allowed inside the gates. Teams are allowed to bring coolers for water but visitors are encouraged to visit our food vendors and leave their food coolers at home.

3. Alcohol

We do not allow alcohol on our fields. Our amazing food vendors offer a range of beverages to quench your thirst. Please do not bring alcohol into the complex. We encourage you to visit one of Foley’s wonderful bars or restaurants after your event to celebrate with adult beverages. Additional Information, Rules, and Regulations

We can’t wait to see you soon. If you have further questions visit our FAQs page or shoot us an email. Safe travels!

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