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Foley Eats: Mamma Mia – That’s a Tasty Pizza! Foley Eats

Foley Eats: Mamma Mia – That’s a Tasty Pizza!

Posted August 12, 2019 by Foley Sports
By Don Dukemineer

Each town has its own unique places everyone enjoys visiting. Foley is no different. Take a minute to drive around the downtown area, and you’ll quickly discover numerous window displays that entice hungry souls to enjoy their offerings.

When I started working in Foley, one of the first places I was taken to for lunch was Mamma Mia Pizzeria. So for my 2019 “Restaurant Week” experience, it was no surprise I decided to revisit a local favorite to enjoy a “piece of pie.”

A quaint and small pizza shop, which opened in the old Dairy Queen location, the location offers both inside and outside seating, including a patio area perfect for early evening dinner and music.

I admire this building so much because I tend to be “old-fashion” in the things I like. To me, it takes you back to your “glory days” when certain restaurants were the “popular spot” to meet up. You walked up to the window, placed your order and then sat down to enjoy good food with friends. That’s what it says to me anyway…

Upon entering Momma Mia’s, you quickly get the smell of homemade delights which makes it hard for your taste buds know what to order. Mamma Mia serves American-Italian food including pizza, pasta or sandwiches, so being the meat-lover I am, it was no surprise I ordered the Carne Specialty Pie for lunch. Along with the other patrons’ food being cooked, the wonderful aroma quickly made me realize that I was in for another treat. (In full disclosure, I ordered pasta in previous visits which was delicious. Not in the food for pizza or pasta, I’ve been told the calzones are some of the best around too!) But on this day, I was in the mood for pizza, and it did not disappoint. In my opinion, my 14-inch pie contained an equal amount of dough and ingredients that didn’t allow one to overtake the other. Some pizzas are to “fluffy” for some, while others limit the toppings. Mamma Mia’s had just the right amount of mixture. The staff that day was welcoming and inviting and made sure to check in on me to make sure the food was good and that I had all I need. One of the most unique parts of the restaurant is that the prep area and stoves are right next to the dining tables. It’s not like some places that cook your food right in front of you, however watching the pizza being made and then smelling the delicacy bake, it makes your mouth water in anticipation.

MammaMia 2

Cities throughout Alabama are celebrating “Restaurant Week” this week with specials and deals encouraging people to experience restaurants they’ve never tried before. This is the time to explore places you’ve always wanted to visit instead of hitting up your usual. Take part in the celebration and uncover a “Foley spot” that just might become your new favorite. So whether you’re new to town or a local, I encourage you to try Mamma Mia Pizzeria. As the sign inside says, “Mamma Mia – that’s a tasty pizza!”

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