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Foley Eats: Simply Shrimp Foley Eats

Foley Eats: Simply Shrimp

Posted August 15, 2018 by Stephanie Donald

Have you ever seen two introverts have a conversation? It’s a quiet one. I’m not what you call an outgoing or chatty person. I prefer to hide right here. Behind a computer where I can organize my thoughts and say just what I need to. I’m not good in person, on the spot. It’s hard to open up unless I’ve known someone a while and I know they’ll be understanding when I put my foot in my mouth.

When Luke Persall started as our Events Coordinator in February, I got the feeling I had a kindred spirit. Luke’s not a man of many words until you get to know him. He’s easy going and straightforward, qualities that are amazing in a coworker. You know exactly what you need, and how to accomplish a task without having to try to read between the lines.

Luke, his dad, and his son Winston. Three-generations enjoying Shrimp Basket.

So it was no big surprise when asked what his favorite restaurant in Foley is, Luke answered with Shrimp Basket. Even more unsurprising was why it was just as straightforward as he was- nothing fancy just good seafood at a good price.

But just like Luke, the more you get to know the Shrimp Basket menu the more hidden gems you’ll find. Luke is a steamed shrimp platter with steamed potatoes and fried okra guy. You think that’s a pretty simple order right? I mean you’re going to a place called Shrimp Basket, the shrimp better be delicious. And it is, but there are so many different ways to have it.

Forgive me if I get a little Forest Gump here, but there’s amazing coconut shrimp with delicious marmalade that makes it like the dessert shrimp of the menu. Then there’s the spicy side, another of Luke’s favorites- Boom Boom Shrimp. How to describe boom boom sauce? Have we ever nailed down the definition of awesome sauce? Let’s just say try it. Spicy and creamy, ask for it on anything. I have been known to go to the seafood restaurant and order chicken tenders tossed in boom boom sauce. Dip fries in it. Pour it on a salad. Boom boom sauce = awesome sauce.

This is a lesson Luke knows well. One he’s had time to learn during his many visits to Shrimp Basket over the years. But it’s not just the simply delicious food that brings him back. It’s the memories it brings and the chance to create new ones.

Luke and his beautiful baby girl Adeline.

While Luke came to us from Missouri, he’s actually a Cullman, Alabama native who spent his summers with his family right here in South Baldwin County. When the family used to visit, Shrimp Basket was always on the itinerary. And the funny thing about life is how he’s come full circle. Now with his own family- wife, Laya, and two children, Winston and Adeline, Shrimp Basket is still the go-to when extended family comes into town, like his sister, who’s a hop, skip and a jump away in Spanish Fort.

There’s plenty to discover on the Shrimp Basket menu, and there’s plenty to discover about Luke, just don’t think you’ll be able to figure it all out in one visit. Shrimp Basket has grown to locations throughout the south, and Luke has lived in locations throughout the south, though not always near his favorite restaurant. In a way, the two have grown together. It’s a simple story. Good food, good guy, make good. Let’s not confuse it with all that extrovert flourishing.

For more on Shrimp Basket visit our dining page.

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