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Gypsy Queen Java

Owners Lindsay and Greg Driskell were married in 2013. Lindsay has been a traveler most of her life and worked many years in the hospitality industry including coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Greg has a degree in finance and worked in the advertising industry for years, before becoming co-owner of a small billboard company. The couple moved to Baldwin County, Alabama to be near family.

Armed with Greg’s talent for cultivating small businesses, he saw promise in his wife’s creative abilities. The two of them teamed up to create Fish River Furnishings, a small custom furniture company. Doing business as a part of the community, the husband and wife team noticed the great potential in the historic charm of Foley as part of such a growing coastal community. They felt that a place where locals could congregate would be a great addition to the charm of Foley. Lindsay wanted to make it reminiscent of the cozy, soulful coffee shops from her earlier years, during a time where social media didn’t exist and people gathered face to face in the midst of good music, company and coffee. The kind of place that can become the heartbeat of the town, the soul of the community.

The Driskells decided to create such a place, a full service coffee bar where every person can feel welcome, comfortable, and even a bit nostalgic. Gypsy Queen Java was born.

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