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Drowsy Poet Coffee Shop

Come fuel up at our quaint coffee shop, a converted 1950's service station, in historic downtown Foley, AL!

The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company, Inc. was founded in 2006 in Pensacola, Florida. This unique coffee shop stimulates all the senses with its powerful ambiance and dedicated focus on quality and personalized service!

In order to bring out the best beverage characteristics, we specialize in hand-crafted roasting in small batches. Each roast is created to match the type, origin and blend of the green coffee heightening the aroma and flavor. Roasting daily, we consistently bring complexity to each cup of coffee tamping towards excellence in each and every shot of espresso!

The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company, Inc. is working toward their USDA Organic Certification by CCOF, as well as establishing a strong relationship with Cooperative Coffees. We purchase a large selection of Shade Grown, Organic, and Fair Trade Certified Coffees that affirm Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Additionally, through our specialty coffee we support our military and many
world wide mission opportunities. With the availability to purchase
Drowsy Poet Coffees online, we’re waiting to hear from you!

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