#Mindfulness Monday Finding Your Happy Place

It’s one of those things we often joke about. Finding your happy place has become a bit tongue and cheek in our society. But this meditation helps you find a safe and calming place that you can access from anywhere.

By associating a place in your mind with calm you can train your body to respond a specific way whenever you picture yourself there. In this exercise every time you access your happy place your body should train itself to be calm and relaxed. You think of nothing but this place and the stresses and worries fade.

So how does this help you #PlayFoley? Sometimes by stepping away from an adrenaline-filled space, like a tournament, and calming yourself, you can return refreshed and ready. You are able to put the previous games in the past and focus more fully at the present task.

Try the below meditation for finding your happy place, but remember you can always go back to our previous #MindfulnessMonday meditations if you are struggling.