Volleyball Train Rolls into Foley

Club volleyball season kicked off last weekend and is picking up steam as the 9th Annual American Riviera Classic comes to the Foley Event Center this weekend.

While the event isn’t new, it’s the first time it will be held in Foley. Tournament Director Philip Bryant said each year the excitement has grown, it’s actually how they named the event.

“The tournament this weekend is named for what the Alabama Gulf Coast was called back in the ’30s and ’40’s when the mode of transportation bringing visitors to our shores was a train that ran from Chicago, Illinois to Foley, Alabama,” Bryant explained. “This weekend we rekindle the spirit of the American Riviera and the excitement a train ride always brings as well as the excitement training and coaching volleyball players brings as we host the 9th Annual American Riviera Classic Volleyball Tournament.”

It seems fitting the train of excitement takes them to the City of Foley which has a rich and storied history in the railroad industry. Bryant said the event will be drawing an estimated 70 teams, and while none are from Chicago, they do hail from around the USA Volleyball Gulf Coast Region.

Foley Sports Tourism Event Operations Manager Angie Sullivan said the entire staff is on board for the ride.

“It’s not every day we get to marry an event we host with the history of the city we love so much,” Sullivan said. “This is a chance to share new and exciting things with our visitors, things that they may not have experienced on previous trips.”

The American Riviera Classic runs all day both Saturday and Sunday. However, spectators are limited per participant so the general public is not encouraged to attend. For more information on this or any FST event visit our events page.