Snap Kicks Off with Playdate

Snap Soccer is kicking off their league season at Foley Sports Tourism (FST) this Saturday with a Playdate.

Tournament director, Zack Touchstone said there will be about 80 teams signed up to play. The event will consist of both boys and girls teams in a range of divisions from U9 to U15. Even though August is considered by most a summer month, Touchstone said the event has participants looking towards autumn and there’s no better place to do that than Foley.

“This is the first playdate of the season as well as our first event.  In my opinion, this is the fall kickoff for soccer,” Touchstone said. “Between games, attendees can either hang out at the fields and enjoy some food truck eats, or they can go to a nearby restaurant or shop.”

Touchstone isn’t the only one gearing up for fall, as FST is preparing for a full schedule to close out 2018.

“This Playdate is a warm-up for us,” said Angie Sullivan, Event Operations Manager for Foley Sports Tourism. “This fall we are packed with events, a number of which are soccer. In just a few weeks, we will host Snap Soccer’s Publix SuperCup, which will bring more than 200 teams to Foley over two weekends. This event allows our experienced crew to get our newly expanded event staff trained and ready.”

With 16 events confirmed for the remainder of 2018, Foley Sports Tourism will be busy until the end of the year. Several of the events will garner Foley national media coverage as well as bring participants from around the nation. For now, FST plans to work with Snap Soccer to host one of the best PlayDates yet.

For more information on the Snap Soccer Playdate or any Foley Sports Tourism events, check out our events page.