Showcase Gives Participants Collegiate Visibility

The Gulf States College Showcase, now in its third year, has grown exponentially and is set to have its highest number both in teams registered and college coaches attending when it hits the FST Fields December 11 – 12.

The Showcase, a partnership between Snap Soccer and the Gulf States Premier League, began with just thirty teams attending the first year. Tournament Director Zack Touchstone said this year it’s expected to draw close to 100 boys and girls club soccer teams from states around the nation including Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

But the growth hasn’t been limited to just the teams attending. The number of collegiate coaches scouting at the event has also grown with more than 50 coaches attending this year from schools including University of Alabama- Huntsville, Alabama State University, and the University of Louisiana- Lafayette.

Touchstone said the event gives players a chance to really be seen.

“Great competition and great visibility for the players,” Touchstone said.  “Even with our growth, it’s a smaller event than most showcases which allows for more attention to the players from the coaches.”

Foley Sports Tourism Event Operations Coordinator Chad Raybon said the city also benefits twofold from the event.

“We’re sharing our incredible facilities and exciting off-field dining and entertainment with the participants in hopes of getting them to return for future Foley tournaments,” Raybon explained. “But at the same time we are also getting college coaches who can see what our facilities have to offer and might be interested in booking future events.”

The Gulf States College Showcase runs all day both December 11 and 12. For more information on this or any FST event visit our events page.