Rules and Regulations

We want all our visitors to enjoy their experience here in Foley. In order to give everyone the best possible chance to #PlayFoley please follow our complex rule and regulations.

  • – With the exception of service animals, FST does not allow pets or other animals on the premises. Visitors are encouraged to leave their pets at home.
  • – In an effort to keep our participants healthy, no tobacco products are allowed on the premises including dip, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes.
  • – In order to provide a safe environment for all our visitors, no fireworks of any kind are permitted.
  • – On our 16 sports fields, teams are allowed to bring coolers, but other outside food and drink are not permitted. We encourage our visitors to check out any one of our on-site vendors to satisfy their cravings.
  • – In the Foley Event Center, no food or red beverages including Gatorade or Powerade are allowed on the main floor. There are designated areas where visitors can eat, including mezzanines on both the east and west sides of the building.
  • – To provide each participant with the best sportsmanship experience we as that no air horns, Vuvuzelas, or whistles of any kind are brought on the premises.
  • – Our fields get busy during tournaments so no skateboards, roller blades, scooters, roller shoes, bicycles, unauthorized carts or vehicles are allowed in order to ensure the safety of all visitors.
  • – Our fields need to be in tip-top shape for our tournaments. In order to ensure they are in the best possible condition, no unauthorized field usage is allowed. All usage must be approved in advance.
  • – FST offers a range of sponsorships for any budget. We cap these opportunities so we don’t overwhelm our visitors. There is no soliciting allowed anywhere at FST but contact us if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.
  • – We want to give all our participants the opportunity to #PlayFoley so it’s imperative that everyone park efficiently. Please do not save parking spots or use spots for tents, grilling, or loitering.
  • – The Earth Networks Lightning Detection System helps FST ensure the fields are safe for play. One long 15- second horn blast will sound if lightning is detected and participants need to clear the fields. When the strobe light is flashing there is lightning in the area. When three short 5-second horn blasts sound it is the signal that it is all clear. This is only a warning. Tournament staff will monitor the situation and let participants know when it’s safe to resume play.
  • – In order to maximize parking, all RV/Camper’s must park in designated spots. The facility does not offer sewage or electricity hookups and therefore cannot accommodate any overnight parking.
  • – We want to keep our facilities in the best shape possible and we ask our visitors to help us in this mission. Therefore please only use our facilities as they were intended and do not climb on nets, signs, or bleachers. Safety is our number one priority.