Playdate Focuses on Development

Snap Soccer is coming to Foley Sports Tourism this weekend for a Playdate to allow teams to further develop and gel.

Playdate Director Zack Touchstone said they don’t keep score at Playdates so teams can focus on trying new things and learning more about the sport.

“Playdates help get the younger kids participate competitive matches in a laid back atmosphere,” Touchstone said.  “They allow for coaches to place players in new positions.”

Snap Soccer hosts a number of Playdates throughout the year to allow teams to regroup before heading into larger competitions. This will be the last one of the fall season and will bring boys and girls youth club teams from Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

FST Event Operations Coordinator Chad Raybon said it’s not only a chance for the players to try new things, it’s also an opportunity for staff development.

“More laid back events like Playdates allow us to implement new things and see if they’ll work before trying them on a larger scale,” Raybon said. “In this new COVID environment we are always looking for new ways to keep our visitors safe while still discovering the all that Foley has to offer.”

The Playdate runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. December 5. For more information on this or any FST event, visit our events page.