#Mindfulness Monday Sun Salutations

It’s often difficult for people to connect their minds with their bodies, while mindfulness has a lot of benefits, it’s really not that simple to execute. It takes a lot of practice for your mind to be able to control much of what is considered a natural response.

One of the best ways to practice is by trying yoga. What makes yoga great for exercising mindfulness is the way it connects your mind to your body. You focus on your breath and then allow the movement to be done in time with that breath.

A sun salutation is a basic sequence of yoga movements that once you’ve mastered become second nature. You are able to connect that movement to a slow, even, and controlled breathing- control your breath, control your body.

So how does this help you when you come to #PlayFoley? By keeping a level head when you play, you allow mistakes or losses to pass and you can keep yourself in the moment. By practicing slow, even, and controlled yoga breaths when you compete your body will react by clearing the mind. You’ll be able to better think through the next play and execute it in a level-headed manner.

Never tried yoga? Not a problem. The amazing Jennifer Hammonds of Roots to Wellness Yoga and Barre studio in Foley put together a video of a few different sun salutations to get you started. She made sure to include something for every ability so you have zero excuses for not trying it!