League Draws Top Competition

The I-10 League will be bringing high-performance boys and girls soccer teams to the Foley Sports Tourism FST Fields August 21 – 22.

The competition will be one Parker McIntosh, Director of the League, said was created to help develop players at a higher level.

“The League was created to limit travel expenses for participating clubs along the I-10 corridor while providing top competition in this region of the country,” McIntosh explained. “Now, in its third year, it’s growing. Last season we had 61 teams this year we are at 80. Our teams range from Baton Rouge and New Orleans to Tallahassee.”

Foley’s centralized location and amazing facility made it perfect to hold League Days, McIntosh said. While the location and facilities may be part of the draw, FST Event Operations Coordinator Chad Raybon said they hope the city as a whole will be the reason teams look forward to competition in Foley.

“This league is growing and we want to help,” Raybon said. “The I-10 League will offer the top competition, we will offer the off-field fun. Together we want players to have memorable experiences that will not only encourage them to continue to play in the league but also to make sure Foley is on their calendar each year.”

The I-10 League Days will run all day August 21 and 22. For more information on this competition or any FST event visit our events page.