Lacrosse Blasts into Foley

After a few weeks of letting the fields breathe, the Foley Sports Tourism Complex is back in action June 10-11. The Foley Beach Express Lacrosse Blast is bringing teams from all over the region to compete.

The two-day tournament will feature a range of divisions from U8 to high school and will be open to both boys and girls.

Lacrosse is gaining popularity in the region.

Executive Director Don Staley, said people can count on seeing more lacrosse events at the complex.

“Lacrosse is a growing sport and Foley Sports Tourism wants to be a part of that growth,” Staley said. “This is our second lacrosse event in as many months and we plan on continuing our relationship with the sport well into the future.”

While lacrosse has often been perceived as a northeastern sport, its growth within the southeast has been powerful.

“One piece of our mission here is to help bring new sports to the city of Foley,” Staley said. “This is our chance to expose the community to something they might not get to see otherwise. With college scholarships and other unique opportunities afforded by lacrosse, we want the kids in our community to have the same chance to compete that they’d have anywhere else in the country.”

The Foley Beach Express Lacrosse Blast is open to the public. To learn more about this or any of our events, visit our events page.