Friendship Tournament Focuses on Comradery

The Storm Friendship Playdate offers a chance for teams to gel as they compete in a casual competition December 11 -12 at the Foley Event Center.

The event, a partnership between Mobile Storm Volleyball and Pleasure Island Storm Volleyball, is expected to draw upwards of 100 club volleyball teams from around the USA Volleyball Gulf Coast Region each day of the competition. Teams in 11U through 14U age divisions play Saturday while those in 15U through 18U will play on Sunday.

Tournament co-director Nicole Keshock said the event focuses on the teams really having the opportunity to gel before the start of the formal volleyball season.

“We do not charge an entry fee for this event,” Keshock explained. “We want teams to have the opportunity to compete against other clubs, early in the season, without costing their teams a lot of money.”

Foley Sports Tourism Event Operations Coordinator Meagan McVicker said it’s a great way to ease into volleyball season.

“When the new year starts we will be headed into a number of back to back volleyball weekends,” McVicker said. “We host a range of different sports throughout the year and each has it’s own ins and outs. This is our chance to get back into the swing of volleyball and truly focus on how we can make 2022 an even better year.”

The Storm Friendship Playdate runs from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. both days and there is a $5 charge for admission. For more information on this or any FST event visit our events page.