Foley High School Archery Heads to Nationals


Congratulations go out to the Foley High School Archery team. The team placed first in their regional tournament in mid-March and qualified to compete at the Alabama National Archery in the Schools (NASP) State Tournament on April 7th. The team shot a score of 3248 at state and qualified for competition in the NASP National Tournament in Louisville, KY.  The team will be competing along with 15,000 other students from all over the United States and hopefully will qualify for a spot at the NASP World Tournament in July. The team will shoot on Saturday, May 13th at 8:30 AM.

The team has 3 weeks to raise the money to travel to Louisville. Since archery is not part of the AHSAA and does not receive funding from the school, students are responsible for paying for tournaments on their own. Students are raising money for hotels, charter bus, and shooting fees. Students have several fundraisers planned and are trying to raise $10,000 during the 3 week period.

The first will take place April 24-25 at the Foley Elementary School Gym. Students are collecting pledges for an amount per point. If the donation is $1 a point and the shot is 280/300, that is $280. They are also accepting straight donations.

The second fundraiser will be April 29-30 outside the Foley Walmart. The team will be seeing arrow pens made by the students, collecting donations and raffling off a Yeti cooler. Raffle tickets are $5 each.

The team is made up of students from Foley High and Foley Middle. Members of the team are Bri Watters, Corey Parker, Kalee Hinson, Caleb Hooper, Raven Pope, Curtis Weeks, Morgan Price, Dalton Anderson, Amie Taylor, Denver Wolff, Peyton Brokowsky, Darren Williamson, Alyssa Moore, Erin Boutwell, Breanna Atkinson, Katherine Michael, Tyler Roberts, Kaleb Barker, Thomas Michael, Zayn Hall, Rodrigo Dorry, Dalton Day, Lenox Clark, Luke Michael, and Cole Boyington. The team is coached by Shea Hinson and Tim Boutwell.

For more information about Foley High Archery or if you are interested in helping the team get to Louisville, please contact Shea Hinson at