Foley Eats: Sugar and Spice Feeds the Soul

Prisila Hughes, is the Sports & Events Sales Manager for the Foley Sports Complex, the point person on Foley Sports Tourism baseball and softball events, and a connoisseur of great food. She was kind enough to write this blog for Alabama Restaurant Week 2020.

Sugar, Spice, Soul features delicious food made with love.

Nothing can ruin a person’s day like an unexpected bad meal, especially when you’ve looked forward to a savory, mouthwatering lunch that was shown on social media. You sit down waiting in anticipation, ready to cure the hunger pains that brought you there. Then they deliver your plate, you take that first bite and…. it’s NOTHING like you imagined (under or over-cooked, dry and/or void of taste). Your smile quickly turns to a frown and your taste buds and stomach are NOT happy. You went from a happy place to a quick, “what in the hot mess is this” attitude. This is where the new term “HANGRY” came into existence! Hungry and angry makes a person whacky. Trust me I’ve been there…

The good news?! There are so many restaurants in the City of Foley that take pride in their menus and consistency in the quality of food they serve and what your taste buds deserve.   Let’s highlight one of them that stood out to me recently, Sugar Spice & Soul Café. My meal was exquisite and full of flavor. So much so I took the time to meet with the owner, Chef Jason Turner, to find out what his secret is that makes for an unforgettable carte du jour for his customers.  Here’s what I learned:

Chef Jason was born and raised in Florence, Alabama. Growing up in the south he always appreciated southern cooking. He later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he studied criminal justice and psychology. Even though he loved the law, there was something missing.

He decided to pursue a different direction and moved to Vegas where he received his culinary degree. He worked as a server, bartender, bus table, and finally a cook. He trained and worked under top chefs from around the world. Even though there was a language barrier, one thing that connected them was the preparation and various seasonings needed for each individual dish. Chef Jason spent years learning, tweaking, and experimenting glow-worthy foods with unique flavors that feed the soul.

Chef Jason and his wife, Tasha, tied the knot in 2013.

Moving back to his southern roots, he and Tasha (they met in Tennessee) tied the knot in 2013 in Gulf Shores. With the help of his beautiful wife, it was time to open their own restaurant.

Sugar Spice & Soul Café, right here in downtown Foley. A quaint little café with a name that says it all. So I asked him, what’s your secret? He said, “Add a little love and toss in a little adventure with a dab of Southern charm to warm your soul. Always remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little sugar, spice, and soul in your life.” Yes sir, I will remember that, now can I have a bowl of your famous banana pudding?

If you want to feed your soul with a little this, that and the other, you won’t be disappointed with Sugar Spice & Soul Café. They have moved to a new place just around the corner and added to their menu and coming soon, brunch on Saturdays. Visit them at 105 West Orange Ave and you’ll be glad you did.