Southern Shores Coffee

Southern Shores Coffee is a family owned and operated. Our family’s coffee love started while we were traveling with our two kids travel soccer and trying different coffee shops while on the road with their games and it became a family adventure to try new shops and new flavors and roast. We took this adventure with us on our family vacations and made it an adventure to try new coffees and see what type of Coffee beans each country had when we would take a family cruise out of the port of New Orleans or port of Miami. This family adventure turned into a hobby and that hobby has become a passion and now a family owned business. Both of us still have our full-time jobs while we launch Southern Shores Coffee, and we still keep busy with one college soccer player and one travel soccer player but when it comes to something your passionate about it isn’t work and it’s a family business that as a family we work together to meet our clients’ needs. We are proud of where we stand! At Southern Shores Coffee we are bringing you Fairtrade products, along with an organic selection and our flavors are also Kosher to bring our clients the best products possible in hopes that you can share some of the same experience we have with our family and friends. Here, we source, roast and flavor all of our beans in small batch to enhance the roast to your specific flavor. we don’t just ‘dial in’ a roast, we monitor and engage the roast from start to completion. Fully manual controls alongside our temperature profiling system are the perfect combination of craft and consistency.

716 S. McKenzie St
Foley, AL 36535