Thor Guard Lightning Protection

What to do when the weather horn sounds?

When the Thor Guard Lightning prediction system “SOUNDS THE WARNING HORN”, all sporting activities will stop. Participants and spectators should seek immediate shelter by returning to their cars.

Game officials and or coaches will not supersede this policy. All individuals choosing to ignore this policy will be responsible for their own actions.

Parents and any other individuals are encouraged to remind participants of this policy. Your action may save a life.

Instructions for a Foley Sports Tourism Tournament Event:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.53.02 PMA). When lightning is within a 3-mile radius of FST you will hear a loud 10-second horn blast indicating the need to clear the playing field. Once the horn sounds, signaling a lightning strike in range, the referee will ask that you (the coach) clear your team from the fields. Spectators are strongly encouraged to return to their vehicles as this is the safest place to be during a thunderstorm.

B). Once you receive this information or hear the sound of the horn we ask you to gather your parents and players and instruct them to get into their vehicles and wait for the determination regarding the severity of the weather in the surrounding area. For a Tournament Event, our staff will assess the playing surfaces and weather accordingly to make a decision on the status of the event. Please realize this is not an emergency situation! Thor Guard is an EARLY WARNING detection system that will detect lightning within a 3-mile radius of FST.

C). If the Thor Guard system continues to give its alert for 20 minutes or more, FST events will cease and the participants will be notified by staff members as well as posting to our Twitter and Facebook feeds that games have been canceled for the remainder of the day/night. If the system gives us an all clear within 20 minutes of the initial horn blast, staff members will notify participants signaling play can resume. For Tournament Events, our staff will constantly update our Twitter and Facebook feeds with information regarding the status of the event.

What does it do?
Thor Guard is a highly sophisticated sensor and a computer that measures and analyzes the electrostatic field in the atmosphere. Lightning originated within this field allows Thor Guard to make calculations predicting its occurrence.

Who uses Thor Guard?
Thor Guard is being used by the United States Golf Association, LPGA, PGA Tour, Nike Tour, ABC-TV sports and was used in the Atlanta Summer Olympics. It is also used by several recreational facilities throughout the USA.

How effective is Thor Guard?
Thor Guard predicts the probability of lightning hazard in an area up to 25 square miles. It provides a specific reading of the risk in your immediate area.

How do you know when it is working?
Thor Guard is equipped with an interactive horn warning system. The first horn gives those outdoors the opportunity to seek shelter. After the horn sounds a flashing yellow strobe light atop the FST maintenance building will blink continuously until three loud horn blast sounding an all clear and play can resume shortly after.