Boys Take to the Fields For Soccer Shootout

The Perdido Soccer Shootout returns to Foley Sports Tourism (FST) for its second weekend, March 9 – 10, and this time it’s the boys turn to take the field.

Tournament Director, Zack Touchstone, explains this year’s boys’ competition will bring 118 teams from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee to the FST fields, and expects the level of competition to be high.

“Unlike a normal event where you have boys’ and girls’ teams playing, we will only have boys’ teams attending, which allow us to bring in more competition,” Touchstone said. “For example, at a boys and girls event, you may get eight to twelve U11 teams of each gender, but at this event, we are able to host 28 U11 boys teams from Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana.”

Foley Direction of Recreation and Sports Tourism David Thompson said the Perdido Soccer Shootout’s growth, both for girls and boys, is something the facility is committing to continuing.

“The Shootout is something that people put on their calendars each year as a premier event,” said Thompson. “But, we want them to know they’ll get more than just good competition here in Foley. We want them to realize that there is so much to experience on and off the field.”

The tournament kicks off at 8:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. The public is encouraged to check it out and there will be a $5 charge for parking.

For more information on the Perdido Soccer Shootout or any FST events, check out our events page.