Foley Event Center Welcomes Gymnastics as Inaugural Event

The Foley Sports Tourism Complex is excited to announce the first sporting event held in the brand new Foley Event Center will be the Bounders Beach Bash, September 8-10.

The City of Foley broke ground on the 90,000 sqft, $16.2 million facility last June. It was built as a part of the Foley Sports Tourism Complex, to accompany the 16 state-of-the-art sports fields already in use. The new property can accommodate 6 basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts, and 12 pickleball courts.

The inaugural sporting event will be the Bounders Beach Bash gymnastics meet, held in partnership with the Bama Bounders gym out of Tuscaloosa, AL. The gymnastics meet is estimated to draw 3,000 participants and spectators from around the region. The Beach Bash, now in its sixth year, has been seeing more and more participants. Bama Bounders owner, Erin Kightlinger said that’s part of the reason they chose to move the event to Foley.

“The Beach Bash has seen so much growth over the last few years, we were outgrowing the space we were in,” Kightlinger said. “We are excited about the amusement park at the neighboring OWA complex. We have a great existing relationship with Foley’s Executive Director Don Staley, and there’s tons of space in the new building so we can continue to grow the event.”

With all the multi-use space the Event Center has to offer, Don Staley said this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“We are looking at bringing in everything from RV shows, to graduations, to basketball competitions,” Staley said. “But we are lucky to have the Bounders Beach Bash as the inaugural event because it will bring a large number of visitors to Foley, and also draw local spectators. We hope to use this new building to not only bring tourism dollars to the area but to also bring in events our community can enjoy.”

Those hoping to compete in the Bounders Beach Bash can register until August 11 on the event’s website. Registration is open to levels 1-10, Xcel gymnasts.

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